Alicia Jordan is a sultry R&B singer with a captivating voice. Her journey to music was a predestined one which begun with her mother listening to old school calypso music while pregnant with her. In fact, having seen Alicia Keys sing on TV and inspired by her elegance, Alicia was named after her.  

At an early age, this London born Guyanese girl became interested in dance- the start of her journey in the creative industry. She was enrolled into Ballroom dance class, and later went onto learn Modern Jazz and Tap. Dance ignited her passion for music and performing, and encouraged her to explore other musical avenues such as singing. She joined various choirs and also began training as an opera singer.


Her proudest musical achievements include: touring the UK with the Sister Act Live Choir, and providing backing vocals for singing competitions such as X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and the Voice.


Inspired by the likes of  Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Tank, Tyrese, and many others, Alicia hopes to use her music to make female sensuality more predominant in the music industry.